Business proposal for research

Your written proposal will include: · A title · A statement of the contemporary international business issue to be explored · A clear research question · A rationale that justifies the significance of the issue for the organisation(s) or industry concerned, and outlines how the project will benefit them · A consideration of ethical and social issues relevant to the project · A methodology that outlines the nature and scope of data you intend to collect, and identifies specific key sources · An initial review of key theoretical concepts from academic literature · An Appendix with a project plan that provides a timeline with dates and specific and detailed actions, as well as possible challenges to completion of the project. Format: The proposal should use a report structure, 1.5 line spacing, Times Roman or Cambria 11-point font or similar, numbered headings and page numbering.  It must be written clearly and concisely, using professional business communication. All sources must be acknowledged using APA style referencing, 6th ed.

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Business proposal for research
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