Creating Schedules and Timelines for Campaigns

reading: Public health communication professionals work with local elected leaders, i.e. county board of supervisors, mayors, hospital CEOs, and public health directors. All may need to sign off on the campaign brief and/or creative designs before things are finalized. With all of these considerations, sometimes happening all at once, public health communication professionals need to be able to juggle multiple deliverables, requests for information, meetings, conference calls, and decision-making situations. Consider a hypothetical situation in which you are tasked with overseeing a communications program that supports a local ordinance proposition to support a tax on sugary drinks. The city council members have wide and diverse views on taxing beverages. However, the local health coalition, of which the health department is a member, is going to advocate for this local tax ordinance. What potential challenges do you anticipate may arise during the development phase that could make your timeline fall behind schedule? What potential tools would you employ to bring people together, regroup, or re-strategize in order to get back on schedule?  When you bring people together for a status meeting, what are some of the leadership tactics that you might employ?  Would you need to hold any crucial conversations with anyone?  How would you go about this?

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Creating Schedules and Timelines for Campaigns
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