A restaurant

n this essay, you are reviewing a subject. The subject should be something that would typically be reviewed, such as A restaurant – red lobster Shreveport la. Remember, you need the following elements: An introduction that summarizes the subject, provides background information, and includes a thesis statement (a claim about the subject) A discussion of multiple features of the subject considering both strengths and limitations. You have two options for how you approach the body of your essay: you can use one section to discuss strengths, and another to discuss limitations you can divide the subject up feature by feature, discussing strengths and limitations of each feature as you go A conclusion that offers an overall judgement or assessment of the subject Tips Thesis: Make sure your thesis is not simply stating a fact: “Outlaws is a barbecue restaurant in Alexandria, Louisiana.” Instead, make a specific claim about the subject: “Outlaws stands out from other barbecue joints in the Cenla area.” Body: Whether you discuss your topic feature by feature or decide to tackle all the pros together and then all the cons together, keep the paragraphs at reasonable lengths. If you go feature by feature, one paragraph per feature is reasonable. However, if you discuss all the strengths and limitations separately, you will likely need to use multiple paragraphs. In addition, it is important that you consider both strengths and limitations of a subject. Nothing is perfect—think of those common expectations. If you enjoyed a film with a lot of profanity, consider other viewers who might be offended by that or might not want their kids to hear that—in other words, just because the profanity didn’t bother you, it is still worth mentioning as a limitation in the review because it may turn off some viewers. Conclusion: Readers really want to know in one sentence what the “final verdict” is on the subject, so make your overall judgement clear. It doesn’t have to be all good or all bad—it could be something like “Although some may not like _____________ this subject is one of the best ____________________.”

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A restaurant
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