Contraceptives AD/Advertisment

Reading material also attached if needed.  Create an advertisement on IMPLANON  for your assigned birth control method and . Imagine the ad will be in the form of a poster that would be displayed on a college campus.  Be creative and have fun.  Slogans are encouraged! (You can create a poster and then take a picture and upload it or you can create a word, PDF, or PowerPoint doc and upload that.  —Think about including the following information: —What is your method? —When used effectively, what is the failure rate (theoretical and actual)? —What are the main advantages? —What are the main disadvantages? —In your presentation, you may also want to discuss the following: —How does your method work to prevent pregnancy? —Will your method also prevent STIs? —What is the proper procedure for using your method? —Are there any side effects or long-term complications from using this method?

Online HSB CH 10 – Contraceptives

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Contraceptives AD/Advertisment
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