Poetry Analysis-Essay #1 Goal: To explore a poem of your choice in depth and write an analysis that explores the following three elements: Poetry (in general) Poet/poem (bio/analysis) Personal Response (reflection) Let me explain in a little bit more depth. INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH In your essay, I would like you to first DEFINE what makes an exceptional poem. You may have to do a little bit of research to borrow some appropriate vocabulary, but you have certainly read enough poems last week to form your own opinion. You may use ideas from the web if you cite them, but I am absolutely interested in your own perspective. Then, introduce the poem of your choice from our text and state how it stands up to your definition of success. This sentence/s will be your thesis, so it should name the poem and poet, and make a claim about three elements and how the poet utilizes them in the poem. Example Thesis: Mary Oliver’s poem, “When Death Comes,” is a fine example of an exceptional poem especially due to Oliver’s fine use of metaphors that vividly illustrate her views about death, Oliver’s employment of vivid imagery, and Oliver’s deep and meaningful message that most everyone can relate to. BIOGRAPHY  Next, write a thoughtful  biography about the poet that you feel is appropriate. Try to highlight meaningful and interesting details about the poet’s life and career. Be sure to cite your sources appropriately according to MLA format. (second paragraph) Body Paragraphs (Elements) Next, discuss the noteworthy elements of the poem. You may want to include all of or any of the following: language choices, structure, tone/voice, emotion, rhyme, rhythm, metaphors, similies, story/narrative, message, tone, personal connection, questions, etc. (one element per body paragraph using quotes from the poem to illustrate your ideas.) Remember, strong analysis includes topic sentences that make an arguable claim. A minimum of two quotes from the poem that illustrate your claim/s. And your analysis. (Paragraphs 3,4,5) CONCLUSION Finally, explore how the poem affects you.  Where does the poem take you physically, emotionally?  Where do your thoughts travel beyond the poem? What does the poem inspire in your imagination? How does it make you feel and think? What did you learn?  Personal connection? Etc.  Misc. Details: Minumum 5 pages. MLA Format—also, present tense to analyze literature. You should include an ORIGINAL title (Centered) for your essay the highlights something meaningful from your analysis.  Below your essay title include a quote from your poet in italics and centered. Be sure the quote is relevant to your analysis of the poem of your choice.  Example:  Reflections of Light “It is not the thing you fear that you must deal with ; it is the mother of the thing your fear that in identifying will eventually set you free” ~ David Whyte      In David Whyte’s poem, “The Well of Grief,” Whyte offers readers an invitation … essay continues on.   Your essay should convince us that the poem of your choice is exceptional in whatever way you define and exceptional poem.  You MUST incorporate quotes from the poem into your essay to support your ideas or to serve as springboards for discussion.  6 quotes min. Ideally more. Please note that when you are quoting poetry, you should use a / between line breaks: For example:   “ The plump squirrel scampers/Across

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