The False Friend by Myla Goldberg

I  need a 1 1/2 page paper, with a work cited included. These are the instructions,  Answer the question below in the essay:  How did the end of the book confirm the beginning, undermine the beginning or otherwise surprise you? Especially when you return to the first pages and you take into account the way in which the novel began? you can still dress the issue of how this helped/ or hurt your engagement with or enjoyment of the text. You must quote from the text and analyze the quotation(“Close read”) as evidence of the case you are making. What are the intensions of the passage, how does it accomplish these intensions? ( PLEASE DO NOT BORROW INTERPRETATIONS FROM WIKIPEDIA OR SPARK NOTES!!!! AND PLEASE ENSURE TO INCLUDE AT LEAST 2 QUOTES IN THE ESSAY!)

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The False Friend by Myla Goldberg
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