Disparities in covid 19

Hello Class,  It is unfortunate that it took the COVID 19 pandemic to highlight the disparity that exists in access to quality health care for many especially people of color.  The issue of disparities is a major quality of care issue that requires the key stakeholders in health care: the providers (hospitals, physicians); the payors– health insurance companies–managed care organizations (Affinity, United etc.) and the purchasers of health care benefits (Employers, Medicare etc.) to come together to remedy this problem.  Given the gravity of this problem,  I think it is important to use this crisis as an opportunity to expand our knowledge base to learn and understand: 1. what are the root causes of this disparity; 2. what are some action steps we as a society can take to close the gap between these groups and 3.  What role do the  Managed Care Companies ( health insurance) i.e. Affinity, Healthfirst, United, Aetna have in closing the disparity gap?  For that purpose, I have posted this article by the Kaiser Family Foundation for you to read and complete the following assignment.  ASSIGNMENT:  IN A TWO PAGE SINGLE SPACED TYPED PAPER 1. SUMMARIZE THE ARTICLE, 2. IDENTIFY THE KEY  POINTS.  3.  IN  YOUR OPINION WHAT ARE THE ROOT CAUSES OF THIS DISPARITY–BE SPECIFIC AND 4.  IN DETAIL DESCRIBE THE ACTION STEPS  MANAGED CARE COMPANIES (MCO’S)(INSURANCE COMPANIES) I.E AFFINITY, HEALTHFIRST, AETNA, SHOULD TAKE TO ADDRESS THIS KEY QUALITY ISSUE.  Grading will be based on a demonstrated understanding of the article, critical analysis of the issues as well as correct grammar, spelling, and proper sentence structure.

Racial Disparities in COVID KAISER STUDY V2

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Disparities in covid 19
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