You will watch a video series titled “The N Word” by Todd Larkins. It is your responsibility to watch the videos on your own. It can be found in 10 parts on YouTube via the link for each part below.  THERE ARE TWO RESPONSE PAPERS DUE: EACH IS WORTH 50 POINTS. You are required: To write PAPER #1 in response after viewing Parts 1 thru 5.  To write PAPER #2 in response after viewing Parts 6 thru 10.  Each paper must be 300 words in length. The paper will be copied/pasted or written directly in the Video Response Assignment Submission below before 11:59PM June 15th. Consider the following questions when writing. Not all may be found in each set of questions. If the information is not there, you can not include your response to the question, of course. Weave them into your essay NOT as numbered responses: Do you think there is ever an appropriate time to say nigger (herein called N)? Are there certain ethnic groups or cultures that should not be allowed to use the word N?  How do you feel about Samuel L. Jackson saying that he will become a N if he needs to? What does that mean to you?  How do you feel about N being used in music?  Is it appropriate for black comedians to use the N word in their stand-up routines? Knowing the historical context of the word, do you think today’s young people should be more educated on the N word’s roots? You will watch Parts 1 thru 5 and 6 thru 10  YouTube Links for “The ‘N’ Word” by Todd Larkins:   Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: Part 6: Part 7: Part 8: Part 9: Part 10:

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