Acting Techniques in Performance

This written task requires you to write about your experiences and knowledge, as well as referencing acceptable sources that articulate theoretical dimensions of acting. You must satisfactorily answer the following: A. What is PRESENTATIONAL ACTING? – provide three sources/references.  B. What is REPRESENTATIONAL ACTING? – provide three sources/references.  C. In your own words – what are the elements that need to be arranged so that the art of acting can happen? And how do these elements work with each other to make the art of acting happen? Your paper must be submitted in the following manner: ·       Electronically as a word document or .pdf ·       1,000 words minimum, ·       Name, student number, pages numbered, use headings, acknowledge sources/references ·       12 point font – Arial or Verdana – no spelling errors

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Acting Techniques in Performance
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