Business Video Discussion Please watch the following video and answer the questions below.  Question 1: What mall (list name) in our area would benefit from changes to the traditional retail landscape? This is your opinion but be specific on what’s wrong with how it is currently? Question 2: List the specific changes you would implement to the mall (from question 1) to make it more relevant today? Question 3: Name 2 top (and 2 bottom) malls in our area (in your opinion). What changes could be made to each to make them stronger? Explain your answer. (area is Miami) Question 4: Would you live in a micro-apartment as described in the video? What are some of the advantages/disadvantages? Explain your answer. Four paragraphs should be included in each video assignment. Each paragraph should contain 5 – 10 sentences. No need to retype the questions. Simply list the question # and your response.

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