Water Supply Systems

Challenge Question Week #3 Chapter 5: Water Supply Systems For each of the following questions, please answer in your own words.  Although you may cite some information out of the book, you must make sure you at least footnote or cite the information properly.  Also, make sure you cite NFPA Code References correctly (Example: NFPA 101, 2012 Edition, The goal of these questions and all further assignments is to get you to articulate, elaborate, and express the answers in a way that assumes the reader has limited or no knowledge of the subject matter.  Keep this in mind as you write your answer.  Do not assume the reader understands acronyms or certain terminology. One and two sentence answers will not be accepted.  I am not looking for a research paper either! Just make sure you write to inform and leave no questions for the reader.  As an Inspector 2, a good portion of your job will be explaining to the layperson why certain decisions, recommendations, or demands are being made. Take your time and be thorough and concise. If necessary, use Microsoft Word or Grammarly to write your answers to check for spelling and certain common errors. You can copy and paste the questions to a Word document and then answer them.  Then, you can submit your assignment here.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  Each question in this assignment is worth 5 points.    Challenge Questions. 1. Why is it important to perform periodic water flow testing on a water-based fire protection system after the system installation?   2.  What are the major components of a complete fire pump system/assembly? Describe their functions (include the jockey pump).   3.  How does friction loss affect a water supply and what are some of the ways to overcome it?

2 sources required

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Water Supply Systems
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