US intervention in Syria

1500 words,Times New Roman Font ,2.0 line spacing, 1 inch margins. Works Cited page: MLA style for quotes,facts,ideas. Use predominantly peer reviewed articles and newspapers. NO WIKIPEDIA. Use US intervention in Syria as the topic. Use policy options of nonintervention for points 3 and 4. (located below) Attached below are the instruction from my professor regarding this paper. For this term paper, select a policy issue that relates to the topic of one of the lectures and analyze it in more depth. For example, you might select the Iran nuclear deal, which relates to the lecture on Weapons of Mass Destruction, or the possibility of U.S. intervention in Syria, which relates to the lecture on Humanitarian Intervention. These are just two examples to get you started. First, give a background on the issue. Bring in some key facts and history behind the issue. Has the issue always been securitized? If not, when and why did this become a security issue? Who are they key actors involved? What are their interests? Second, analyze the issue through two of the major theoretical lenses (Realism, Liberalism, Constructivism, and Historical Materialism). Then identify which of these lenses better explains the issue, and why. Third, identify at least two policy options that the United States could take to address this issue. For each option, describe the likely outcome, costs, and benefits of the option. Fourth, recommend which policy option you think is best. Explain why you believe that option is a better option than the alternative that you discussed in the previous section. Finally, make a prediction about the future of the issue. How do you think things will change over the next decade or two?

Instructions for Term paper 1

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US intervention in Syria
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