Topic Announcement

I want to know what your topic will be for the analytical essay assignment. Why this topic? Why are you interested in it? Or, another question might be why are you the right person for this particular topic in the first place? (In other words, there are things we have a handle on and things we leave for others to light the way. You get the point.) Is this related to your area of study or to your professional life? Or is it something that appeals to you for other reasons, whether your home life or your interest in the community or the nation or in the world outside–somewhere far away. Are you excited about learning something that you might not already know? Please take your time with this. Answer these questions, if you can, in whatever kind of voice you’d like to use–even if it is simply in the form of a letter to yours truly. Feel free to ramble. I do it all the time. *** Please use “does higher education positively affect the standards of living?“ as the topic. ***

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Topic Announcement
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