Candidate profile

·       will be required to pick one political candidate who ran for president in this election cycle. This may be Donald Trump, any one of the Democrats who ran (even though they are already out of the race), or any third-party candidate. It does not matter if you personally support/oppose the candidate that you choose. ·       Once you have chosen a candidate, you will write a profile that contains the experience that the candidate has and their political background. ·       Then you will write a detailed summary on where the candidate stands on three major policy areas. For example, you may choose Healthcare, Marijuana Legalization, Abortion, Social Security, Gun Rights, Immigration, Climate Change, Education, or any other major political issue. ·       What types of laws within these areas do the candidates want to see passed? ·       Are they for greater government involvement or less government involvement? ·       Finally, you will include where this candidate falls on a left/right ideological spectrum. Are they further to the right or the left of the other candidates running for president? What does this mean (i.e. explain U.S. political ideology and the terms ”left” and “right” mean)?2 sources required

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Candidate profile
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