Response to student

Please respond to the student’s post. whether you agree or disagree and why. I like the business level strategy of Starbucks very much. I can custom order a coffee drink to my specific requirements at any location and receive a tasty beverage.  The choice to develop the business ability to offer a broad and extremely specialized beverage offering is a core competency that Starbucks leadership uses to satisfy its customers and differentiate themselves from the competition.  I prefer Starbucks to the competition because I trust that I will receive the exact beverage I order. I also enjoy the seasonal offering suck as the Pumpkin Spiced Latte, called their “seasonal zeitgeist” (1), and the white chocolate mocha. Between the ability to customize my drink and the seasonal drinks available, I am a loyal Starbucks customer. I believe their strategy is appropriate to offset competitive forces in the marketplace.   Starbucks could improve the strategy.  The Starbucks app must evolve as technology improves. The application launched in 2017 with mixed reviews (2) but can now save your favorite drink order.  I see this as a challenge overcome- as my drink order is very complicated and easy to misunderstand when being relayed from the cashier to the barista. Instead of texting my order to my husband, he can save it as a favorite on the app and have a must easier time ordering drinks for both of us.

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Response to student
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