Cause and effect essay draft: LGBT rights and how does it relate with the constitution

Cause and effect Essay draft (I will personally do the final draft, so this would be only a draft) Choose an issue of current interest that resonates with you (for example, systemic racism in a specific aspect of society, immigration, gun control, LGBTQ+ rights, the budget, violence in protesting by various groups, capital punishment, gun control, the Presidential or Congressional elections, and so on) and examine what caused that issue or what solutions might be applied to resolving it.  Frame your understanding of the issue (and/or its causes or solutions) by connecting it to one or more relevant parts of the Constitution.  Focus on explaining how and why the issue exists or how and why the solution you identify would work.   For example, if you think that same-sex marriage is a constitutionally-sanctioned right, you would need to identify the controversial parts of the same-sex marriage issue, the constitutional principles that validate that same-sex marriage is constitutional, and the explanation of how those parts of the Constitution are fully applicable to same-sex marriage.  You might in addition want to bring up the issue of equal rights and moral fairness to emphasis the rightness beyond constitutionality of recognizing the legality of same-sex marriage.  Alternatively, you might want to argue that while same-sex marriage is both morally fair and an equal right; you could refer to the way it was legalized (through a Supreme Court ruling rather than through Congressional lawmaking) in order to show that the current status of same-sex marriage may be morally right and justly an equal right, but that it is unconstitutional because the way it was implemented violates the balance of powers outlined in the Constitution.   Source Requirements:  You are to include the following sources as part of developing your definition/explanation of this issue: 1.    A current newspaper, magazine, or reliable internet article relevant to the issue 2.    A second source relevant to the constitutional aspect of your issue—a serious periodical, peer-reviewed essay, or book source, not an internet-only article—that you find through the library catalog or databases 3.    A relevant section of the United States Constitution Drafting: 1.    First, identify and briefly explain the background and context of the issue you have chosen, indicating whether you are exploring the causes of or the solution to the problem presented by your chosen issue.  Your thesis should summarize this idea. 2.    Second, identify and define the part(s) of the Constitution that you feel is/are applicable to this issue and explain why.  Be sure to actually quote the relevant section(s).  Explain in sufficient detail the how this Constitutional aspect relates to understanding the causes or resolving the problems you have identified related to this issue.  3.    Remember to include and address the “Who cares?” and the “So What?” – That means why is relevant and who that matters to? 4.    In addition to showing how what the Constitution suggests are the legal rights apply to (or don’t apply to) this issue, you may want to flesh out your topic by also discussing how other “rights”—like human rights, civil rights, or moral rights—and values need or don’t need to be understood in order to craft a fair and workable understanding of or solution to this issue.  This last is a suggestion, not a requirement!

3 sources required

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Cause and effect essay draft: LGBT rights and how does it relate with the constitution
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