Cultural Independent/interdependent distinction

One important difference between cultures is the independent/interdependent distinction. For this paper, first describe this distinction; for this, you should rely on the lecture or outside sources, rather than your own experiences/understanding, but please make sure you use your own words, and cite your sources. Next, describe 3 ways in which modern United States culture exhibits independence (these are cultural practices – see below). For each of these examples, be sure to describe it with enough detail so that someone who is unfamiliar with it could understand it, and to explicitly connect it with the independence concept.    Additionally, your paper must include an explicit discussion of at least one of the following topics: ethics, diversity, global awareness, and/or justice. Each reaction paper must explicitly connect the topic to at least one of these attributes.    Notes – cultural practices are real world activities / behaviors, not the results of psychological studies.  – points will be deducted for not having APA style for this paper (they were not in paper 1). This will likely require the use of Microsoft Word. You should have access to Word through Canisius; if you are having trouble accessing it, please let me know.Reaction_paper2_320_v2

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Cultural Independent/interdependent distinction
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