Research Paper: Rough Draft & Formal Outline How can music effect people emotionally, physically and aesthetically.  Rough Draft This version of your research paper does not have to be complete (though it can be), but should have at least the following: A fairly well-developed introductory paragraph with a clearly and assertively stated thesis (in this draft only you can put it in bold type) Enough supporting paragraphs to illustrate that you have done some research and are on the right track (however many it takes to meet the length requirement) Enough cited sources to indicate that you are citing properly and are using an adequate amount of source material (overall, your paper should not be more than 30% cited material and 70% your own writing) A concluding paragraph, even if it is rough, to show that you know where you are heading A tentative Works Cited page that lists the sources you are using in the rough draft. [Notes: the Works Cited is the last page of your paper, not a separate document. Also: DO NOT just copy & paste the Working Bibliography into the Works Cited—that’s not the point. The WC is a list of the sources you are actually citing in this draft of the paper!] A length of at least 1000-1500 words (the final draft of your research paper will be 2000-3000 words)   Formal Outline The formal outline is different from the informal outline, which is basically just a tentative list of the main points (and sub-points) that you might cover. A formal outline can be constructed as either a sentence-outline or topic-outline, but for this research paper I want you to do a topic-outline, which includes all of the main points you will cover in your paper presented in the order you intend to present them. This is one of the reasons why I ask for this at the same time as the rough draft. Please remember that this outline is a guide for you to follow, and may change as you do the two remaining drafts of your paper. It is a tool developed by you, for you, and is meant to help you make sure your paper is logically organized. [For examples of how to format a Formal Outline, please search on the Purdue OWL website. They have a wealth of examples and information there.]   Due Date Both the Rough Draft & the Formal Outline should be uploaded to Canvas by 11:59 pm on Saturday, November 7th. The Rough Draft is required in order to proceed with the rest of the research paper steps. If you do not turn a rough draft in on the due date, you will be given a “0” for the entire research paper, which means there is no way you can pass the class.


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