Submit your list of of a predictable book and 2 activities for 1 of the books in which you are focusing on comprehension. Review the standards to think of creative strategies for comprehension.  LIST 2 PREDITABLE BOOKS WITH BIBIOGRAPHIC INFO AND COMPLETE THE BELOW SECTION FOR ONE OF THE BOOKS. I HAVE ATTACHED TEMPLATE, Accessibility score: Low Click to improve    Describe the following: APA reference Bibliographic information, using APA format A brief summary of the book IN YOUR OWN WORDS AND A youtube link of a read aloud if possible Identify the characteristics that put this book in the genre -comprehension Ages of children who might enjoy this book One follow-up activity related to the reading component indicated above (see reading component next to genre) and the appropriate standard(s) USE ANY OF THE STANDARDS LISTED BELOW>  You can find examples on the at the following web site: http___flbt5.floridaearlylearning.com_standards.html#d=IV&a=three_year_olds  PLEASE USE EMERGEBT READING FOR STANDARS


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