NAACP v. North Hudson Regional Fire & Rescue

Read the case from the textbook. You are required to find at least ONE article/website/ or other reputable source related to the case. Reputable websites include legal or government website. Please cite both textbook and any outside source(s) used to complete this case analysis. 3. Specifically, discuss the following: 1) First Paragraph and section should be a brief summary of the case. Specifically: Identify and discuss succinctly the case’s main legal issues/violation of law and what legal category (e.g. sexual harassment, age discrimination, wrongful discharge, national origin discrimination, class-action lawsuit for employment benefits, etc.) it falls under? Also, state here, how the courts ruled in this case. 2) Next Paragraph: Identify and discuss problems and parameters of the legal problem outlined in the case? 3) Next Paragraphs: Answer all end of case questions, starting with number 2. Please write in paragraph form, answers to these questions. Synthesize your thoughts tied with concepts from that chapter and outside sources. Also label each question or section by heading title that fits the question’s content. 4) Last Paragraph: Identify and discuss the “take-away”—key points outlined in the case? You may use chapter concepts here as well, if applicable. Also address how the information regarding this case is useful to employers. WRITE IN YOUR OWN WORDS. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT COPY AND PASTE OR QUOTE ANYTHING FROM THE CASE. You MAY; however, copy a federal law word-for-word as that is relevant for stating in exact words to make a point about aspects of the law, regarding the case analysis. If you simply copy and paste, or quote, what the author wrote on anything else, you will get a ‘0.’ Writing and Formatting Guidelines: • Your paper should be a minimum of three- to four-pages, double-spaced, maximum 12 pt font (Use up-to-date font styles: Arial, Calibri, Garamond, or Helvetica), with 1-inch margins. • Please provide a title page with a title (case name), Chapter number listed (e.g., Chapter 1), your name, course name and number, university name, and date (e.g., October 5, 2019). • Include page numbering. • Use sectional headings above paragraphs as necessary. • Include the full case reference from the textbook, at the end of your paper. If you omit this, your paper will be returned with a grade of ‘0.’ • Paraphrase this paper analysis (no quotes). Not adhering to this requirement will result in a ‘0.’ • Proofread your paper to ensure that it is well-written and free of errors (spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, correct word usage, etc.) • Use separate paragraphs instead of large lumps of writing.


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NAACP v. North Hudson Regional Fire & Rescue
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