Personal History Statements

I’m seeking a good Personal History Statment, describing the key points below:  – I was born into a middle-class family, living on a farm, two uneducated parents, and many siblings (I am the last of the eight children) like most Middle Eastern families. The farm was my private playground and my dream space. – Education was not a big priority for my family, though I used to let my brothers watch cartoons, while I was busy reading educational stories that I borrowed from my friends. I was inspired by many stories that made me love learning more. – Going to school was the beautiful outing that I waited for every morning. Every step I took to school, I drew future plans. – In the third year of elementary school, my parents decided to separate and divorce. My mother left for another city, and I only stayed with my siblings and my father. – After high school, my father passed away. My joy was not complete. I was proud, lonely, and sad at graduation. From this period I became dependent on myself, so I had to work, but that did not prevent me from continuing my university studies. – Despite the difficulties and challenges, I did not give up until I was able to complete my bachelor’s studies and graduated with honors with an excellent GPA. – My ambition did not end here, I insisted on exploring the world and adding to my perceptions, other cultures, so I decided to apply for a scholarship to complete my postgraduate studies for a masters degree in the United States. – I got a master’s degree after wonderful years, which added a lot to me culturally and scientifically. And now I got another chance to complete the Ph.D. because the dream has a rest and the ambition is not over yet. My passion continues to motivate me to advance learning and teaching, and the university campus is still the farm that I used to play on as a child, and look forward to my ambitions in its space.


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Personal History Statements
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