Compare and contrast two leadership theories

This report will compare and contrast two leadership theories.  ( Contingency theory and Behavioral theory) 1.    Complete a thorough Comparison of what each theory believes. Sperate one of them on different paragraph 2.    Comparison and application of how a social work manager/leader would use the theory to influence and motivate her employees. Here specifically link the theory to specific roles of the social work manager. 3.    Which leadership theory you think is most effective and why? 4.    Reflective component: as you studied leadership theories, ·      What strengths do you think you have as a present and future leader? Specifically discuss communication styles and the use of ethical practice. ·      Limitations or areas of future growth? ·      How will this role influence your delivery of services to your clients?

3 sources required
APA 6th edition

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Compare and contrast two leadership theories
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