Format (4 pts): Submissions must be 4 pages exactly, typed, double-spaced, Times 12-point font, 1-inch margins. Content: Design and perform an experiment using the scientific method and a controlled experimental design. The subject of your experiment may relate to any of the four subfields of anthropology (Biological, Cultural, Archaeology, or Linguistics). Page 1 (2 pts): Describe your research topic and why you chose to design an experiment regarding this topic. Page 2 (2 pts): Describe your observation phase and your hypothesis, including your journey to formulate a hypothesis that is testable using the scientific methods. Page 3 (2 pts): Describe your experimental design, including your dependent variable, independent variable, control variable(s) and why you thought it was important to control for these variables. Additionally, describe your control group and the group(s) in which you tested your intervention. Page 4 (2 pts): Describe your experimental process and outcomes, and the conclusions to which these led. If you were to publish your results publicly, which audience do you think would benefit most from your findings? What is a publication that you might use to reach this audience?

4 sources required

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