Argumentative essay on whether gender stereotypes/roles are changing in america

Your argument should be clear, organized, original, and plausible.  Your essay should have a formal, academic tone. Your paper should be written in the formal third person, and it should avoid informal language such as contractions and slang. The verb tense should be consistent throughout. You should have a clearly identifiable argumentative thesis; your thesis should not be a statement of fact or an announcement. It should reflect both your topic and your claim, be clearly and carefully worded, and suggest your essay’s direction and scope. It should be specific enough to provide the reader with a preview of what will follow. Each body paragraph should begin with a clearly identifiable topic sentence which summarizes the paragraph’s main idea while also advancing the thesis. Transitional words and phrases should be used when moving between ideas and also when moving between paragraphs. The topic sentence and transition can occur in the same sentence if needed. Each confirmation paragraph should provide ample evidence in support of the paper’s central claim, both generated by you and discovered during research. You should use textual evidence in the form of examples, paraphrases, and short quotations from at least six reputable sources.  Any quotations should be woven into your essays. Avoid dropping quotes; introduce each quote, provide the actual quote, then analyze the quote. The paper should use a combination of effective summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting of your sources as exemplified by the Sample Research Paper on pages 161-169 in LSH. Be sure to document all sources correctly, both parenthetically and in a Works Cited page. Give MLA style in-text citations for all quotations and paraphrased material. See the MLA section of LSH for sample Works Cited entries and for additional guidelines. Whenever you use words, thoughts, or ideas that are not your own, you must provide a citation (even if you put these thoughts into your own words); otherwise, it is plagiarism. Provide a specific, original, and interesting paper title.  Format your paper correctly per MLA formatting guidelines as discussed throughout the semester. Proofread your paper, as major grammatical and technical issues should be absent since this is the last essay of the semester. See the Rimmer Learning Center with specific questions or make an appointment to meet with me during my office hours.   Use a minimum of six reputable sources. Three of your six sources must be from the HCC Library Databases. These are easily accessible through the HCC library (by logging into DragonZone) and searching online databases such as Academic Search Premier (an EBSCO database) and Gale. Recent books and interviews you conduct are also good sources. Each student will be allowed only one web site source, and it must be a reputable site, preferably a .gov, .edu., or .org. The only .com sites that are allowed to be used as sources are reputable news outlets (The New York Times, Wichita Eagle, TIME, etc.). Your single web site source must be approved by me beforehand. Personal websites, and Wikipedia are not credible sources and cannot be used. Tip: Start in the HCC library databases FIRST, not last. Search multiple databases and don’t just give up after searching one. If you have questions, ask a librarian, or ask me if a librarian is unavailable.  This is worth many points, and it comes towards the end of the semester, so this assignment is crucial in determining your success or failure in the course. The research project is the capstone, meaning it should demonstrate everything you have learned this semester, so in regards to budgeting your time, treat this like you want it to be your best work.

6 sources required


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Argumentative essay on whether gender stereotypes/roles are changing in america
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