World Religion

Research Paper for World Religions Course   1.     An option for the major project for this class can be a 4-page research paper. 2.     You will pick One religion from each of the groups we will study. A.     Eastern Religions- Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism B.     Western Religions- Judaism, Christianity, Islam 3.     You will select a topic from the list provided below. You will compare and contrast what the 2 religions, which you selected, believe and teach regarding the topic you have chosen. 4.     You will write a Minimum of 2 pages for each religion selected for a Minimum of 4 FULL pages total. 5.     The paper must be typed in 12-point font and double spaced. 6.      YOU must use a minimum of 6 sources- 2 websites, 2 research journals, and 2 books. 7.     You are to use the MLA method of documentation for each source. This means you will be using footnotes in your paper with proper documentation.  You will also include a Bibliography at the end of your paper.   Topic Ideas 1.     God-Does God exist? What is God like? What does God do? 2.     What is the origin of the universe? -Is it Creation? Evolution? Emanation? How would the view of God affect the view of the origin of the universe? 3.     What does it mean to be Human? Are Humans created by God? Are they a chance product of evolution? Have they emanated from a spirit/force? Why would this be important for the view of morality? 4.     Good versus Evil- What is the source of each? Does each exist? How does each affect Humanity? How does each tie to the view of God? 5.     What is Humanity’s relationship with God? –  Does it exist? Does God Care about Humanity? What affects the relationship? How would this impact morality and ethics? 6.     The Afterlife versus Reincarnation- how does a person arrive at either? How does the view of God affect the view of each? 7.     What is the source of morality and ethics? –  Is it God or Humanity? Why should the source be of great concern for today’s society? 8.     What is Knowledge? What does it mean to “Know”? What can Humans “know”? 9.     What is Reality? What is Truth? Do they exist? If they exist what is their source? 10.  Is suffering physical, mental, spiritual? Or does it not exist and it is imaginary? How would the view of God affect the view of suffering?Research Paper for World Religions Course

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World Religion
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