Jennifer is a shy, quiet young woman.  She has had difficulties fitting into the environment of Adult Education. Going back to school was a hard decision to make but she knew she needed to complete her education to get a better job to support her daughter. She has enrolled in a career technology course (computer maintenance). The teacher notices the student in-class interaction is minimal but at breaks and after class the students get quite loud, even at times rowdy.  The teacher also notices that Jennifer seems to get quite a bit of verbal attention from a few of the male students. Jennifer is one of three female students in the class of 20 students. Recently Jennifer came to the teacher explaining that the attention she is getting from her classmates makes her feel uncomfortable.  Since telling the teacher about her feelings, Jennifer has missed several classes and the teacher is concerned she may be quitting the course. ANSWER THE FOLLOWING: What are the factors which could be affecting Jennifer in this situation? What should the teacher do? What could the teacher have done to create a fair-equitable (and safe) environment for all the students? What stereotypes and bias may be effecting the other students’ perceptions of who belongs in this classroom?

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