The Jungle by Upton Sinclair

Due 11/1/20 (2-3 double-spaced pages, 12 point font: 15% of your grade)   Consider the following issues as you read:   What was immigrant life like, based on Sinclair’s story?  Why was the book so influential in reforming the meat-packing industry?   For the assignment you’ll need to combine these two issues, and answer the following question:   Why is The Jungle’s story important, and what does it tell us about American society in the early 20th Century?   The point of the exercise is for you to think about what you’ve read and to make an argument based on what you think about that information (your interpretation).   You will turn this paper in to the link that I will provide on Canvas.   Paper Requirements:   These essays should be at least 2-3 pages in length, typed and double spaced.   You must use 12 point font and normal 1 inch margins—only papers that conform will be graded.   All type must be consistent—any variation or inconsistency in the text of your paper is unacceptable.  Again, only papers that conform will be graded.   I will expect that you refer to examples from the book to support your argument, and to help me find your examples, please use a parenthetical reference after any quotes or paraphrased examples you use from the book.  A parenthetical reference looks like this: “The reconstruction of an event is clearly different from the event itself.” (31)    And remember I want this essay to be composed of your thoughts and opinions supported by some examples from the reading.  I don’t want to see statements copied out of the book without giving credit, because that is plagiarism and will not be tolerated.  Please also remember that because this is a relatively short essay, you don’t need to quote 5 or 6 lines together at a time—pick short quotes and spend most of your space building and defending your reasons for your choice.

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The Jungle by Upton Sinclair
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