Music in the Movies

Hello everyone, For this paper, please re-watch your favorite movie and discuss how music is used in the film.  You may choose to focus on specific scenes within the movie or the movie at large.  If you focus on specific scenes, you must discuss two different scenes and how the music used in the scene plays a role.  If you focus on the movie at large, you must discuss at least two different elements of the movie that are affected/enhanced by the music.  For example, in discussing the movie Braveheart, you might talk about how the bagpipe, a Scottish instrument, is used extensively throughout the movie score.  You could include a brief discussion of what the bagpipe sounds like, and how it helps to create the setting of the movie.   Make sure the paper is a PDF, .doc, or .docx; otherwise Canvas will not accept the paper.  Formatting for the paper should be typed, double spaced and 12 pt. font.  You should also include a heading with your name, date, and the course number (Music 1010).


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Music in the Movies
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