Dress code

It’s for my Fashion class Guidelines for the paper: For your examination and analysis of dress codes, you must do the following: (1) Select the environment within which you want to conduct your investigation from among the following: the workplace as an employee, educational environment as a student, religious setting as either an employee or a follower, business establishment as a patron, community environment as member of a town or city (2) Examine the facts as they are today surrounding dress codes IN GENERAL within your selected environment.  You are NOT to be specific about the particular school, workplace, company, or religious setting.  You must gather a wide range of information and evaluate and analyze all of the info to put together a comprehensive document.   You can seek out research studies from journals and books, anecdotal information from newspapers and magazines, first-hand information from personal interviews, and explicit written dress code regulations from organizational documents.  Much information can be found through online access to the TWU library and elsewhere through general Internet access.  As you obtain information, questions that could be considered include the following: Are dress codes stated or unstated, explicit or implicit What specific dress codes are in place How long dress codes have been in place How dress codes are communicated Why dress codes are required Advantages and disadvantages of dress codes within that environment Consequences for dress code noncompliance upon the violator Anxieties within the group members upon dress code noncompliance Results of dress code compliance and noncompliance Overall, the written research report for this assignment should document all of the gathered information in a well-organized manner.  Complete your paper in such a way that your finished document could be used to educate others about the type of dress code that you have chosen to investigate.  Be thorough and to the point.  Please note that you are being asked to conduct research and this assignment is described as a “written research report.”  If you do not conduct any research but, rather, just provide personal anecdotal information or well-known generalities, you will have completed the assignment incorrectly and your grade will reflect that error.      The written report should be constructed in text form rather than outline form and should NOT be written in the first person or second-person point of view (if you do not know what that means, look it up!).  Write in a report-writing style, using the third person point of view only when needed.   Be sure to have a title, an introductory paragraph, headings, and subheadings.  Please limit the text of the paper to 10 pages in length (do not ask me – figure out what “limit” means), excluding the cover sheet and reference list.  The assignment is to be typed, double-spaced, with a standard 12-point font size and 1” margins.  A cover sheet listing the student’s name and the date submitted should be attached to the front of the completed assignment.

4 sources required
APA 6th edition

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Dress code
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