1)Viewpoint in 130 words of this post (you agree or no with Alula Adha Post) • How will you use the AWS Management Console? The AWS management console is what is used by customers and or users of AWS to manage the services. The console may be used either by a mobile device or by the web. It is basically the remote controller of all AWS services. How I would use the AWS management console is first choosing my region. The reason why I would pick a region is that I want to specify where my resources are being managed. Another thing I could do in the console is to remove and add services. The console also includes billing information where I can see a “summary of and breakdown of monthly spending” (Working with the AWS Management Console). Without the console, it would be very hard for users to use Amazon web services. • How user-friendly is the management console? The management console is very user-friendly. The management console is a graphical user interface which makes it user friendly for people who do not have much knowledge in tech or coding. AWS also has a whole starting guide for users who use the console. My reference is where the starting guide is located. The webpage has a lot of information on how to the actions I mentioned in the previous question. References “Working with the AWS Management Console,” AWS . [Online]. Available: 2)Viewpoint in 130 words of this post (you agree or no with Gary Par Post) How will you use the AWS Management Console? The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Management Console is a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows clients to manage their cloud processing, storage, and other resources running on the AWS infrastructure. The console offers an interface with all the AWS assets to include the following: • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) • Amazon Simple Storage Server (Amazon S3) • Elastic Load Balancing • Amazon Relational Database Service • Auto Scaling • AWS OpsWorks • AWS Identity and Access Management • CloudWatch Another benefit of utilizing this tool is managing your account by adding or deploying new applications while monitoring the existing ones. The console also allows the user the ability to monitor their monthly spending. As a new user, the console provides the user with educational resources that include workflows and wizards to help users adapt to cloud services. How user-friendly is the management console? I believe the management console is very user-friendly once you get used to it. The console provides a lot of educational resources to help you get a better feel for the tool. I like the fact that you can keep an eye on your monthly spending as well. There are so many different options to be able to manage servers and monitor them. Alerts, called CloudWatch Alarms, can be set up as another monitoring or management tool and a handy browser-based GUI for cloud computing. It is nice to have a tool that provides management of EC2 instances and the S3 storage buckets to connect multiple Amazon services. AWS – Management Console – Tutorialspoint. (n.d.). Www.Tutorialspoint.Com.

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